Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Right, avnt updated in a while, due to finishin uni, and my internet being a douchfag, but now im back!After finishin m exams i went upto newcastle to hang with the usual crew, went out a few times, went ridin, helped build some ramps, altogether a pretty sound trip!iv also bin ridin a lot in leeds with angus, jonny, waudby and rob from the hudd, so a lotta shit has bin pulled n fimed, cant wait for this video, its gunna be off the hizzay!
me and jonny decided we would go ridin the other day, we just didnt know where, so in the end, with the prospect of rain, and jonny getting his credit card, we set off to manc central, probably my favourite park in the world by the way, as it is fuckin sick, if you avnt bin, go, and if you have, go again, me and jonny went for 4 hours, and we had the park to ourselves for 3 of em, got our own tunes on, even though i nearly left my ipod in manc, and only realised wen i got on the train home that it was still playin in the park, shithouse!anyway, me and jonny were tryin a few new things, so we decided to play a sort of progressive horse, where we both jus had 3 goes to try sumit we wanted to do, and so did the other one, in the end, the ledge ride got pulled, nearly the pedal grind/pegless stock pegs, the 270 was pulled, i nearly landed the 3, and i got the nose bonk disaters dailled in, sickhouse!we had an awsome time, n i cant wait to get back, anyway, here are some of the pics from the last few weeks.

me, hippy hop, leeds

me, hippy hop a tree, toon

building counts ramps

these will be sick wen there done