Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Right, avnt updated in a while, due to finishin uni, and my internet being a douchfag, but now im back!After finishin m exams i went upto newcastle to hang with the usual crew, went out a few times, went ridin, helped build some ramps, altogether a pretty sound trip!iv also bin ridin a lot in leeds with angus, jonny, waudby and rob from the hudd, so a lotta shit has bin pulled n fimed, cant wait for this video, its gunna be off the hizzay!
me and jonny decided we would go ridin the other day, we just didnt know where, so in the end, with the prospect of rain, and jonny getting his credit card, we set off to manc central, probably my favourite park in the world by the way, as it is fuckin sick, if you avnt bin, go, and if you have, go again, me and jonny went for 4 hours, and we had the park to ourselves for 3 of em, got our own tunes on, even though i nearly left my ipod in manc, and only realised wen i got on the train home that it was still playin in the park, shithouse!anyway, me and jonny were tryin a few new things, so we decided to play a sort of progressive horse, where we both jus had 3 goes to try sumit we wanted to do, and so did the other one, in the end, the ledge ride got pulled, nearly the pedal grind/pegless stock pegs, the 270 was pulled, i nearly landed the 3, and i got the nose bonk disaters dailled in, sickhouse!we had an awsome time, n i cant wait to get back, anyway, here are some of the pics from the last few weeks.

me, hippy hop, leeds

me, hippy hop a tree, toon

building counts ramps

these will be sick wen there done

Friday, 14 March 2008

haha, awsome

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

tomorrow we work premiere

This is for all you that missed probably one of the best nights ever!
So, the tale begins on Saturday morning, im off to get me hair cut before my train, haircut goes ok, get the really hot hairdresser, which is always good, anyway, im in a bit of a rush, cos the people that wanna buy our house were takin a long time to decide, anyway, I get to leeds station fast enough and go get my ticket my sheff, £7.00 open return, so I was on the up already! Get on the train, which takes bout 40 mins on the virgin one, or 2 hours on the northen one, so I hop on the virgin…sorry, I hop on the train and im away, don’t see any bmxers on the way there, get to sheff to meet liz n jen then we go to jens crib via pretty much every bank in existence in like a 100m radius! Seriously, if you ever need a cash point, go to jens house, there fookin everywhere! anyway, we go to jens house after buyin some food, meet a few of her flat mates then we wait like 3 hours for hman, tom, tom bright, pete, ollie, ruth, and cooper to get there, so were all sat around discussin Sheila, who pete actually was considering! haha! Then we get ready, and hop in a taxi, well, some of us dive in to get there first, we neck the rest of our cans in, and out of the taxi, so were all a little loose. When we get there, we slowly realise that the doors avnt even opened yet, and theres a macca long que cos of all the other events happenin, anyway, we get in soon enough and begin to socialise, fathead and craig heckle tom for a bit, marv nearly kills liz for like, looking at his jacket, then tom stood on it, and marv nearly fuckin had to be put down, but it was ok! Then a melon ad, and a T2S vid come on, talking bout pube chompin and alike, not really sure why like, but after the cans, and the general mass of bmx folk around, the atmosphere created laughs at most things, then, without pause from the crap sound system, those fabled words appear on the screen and dan cox kicks things of, now, I cant remember that much of the vid, as I was well needin a piss, and downin my last cans had began to take its toll on my mind, but I do remember thinking that this section was the balls, original, good music, with some proper good lines, don’t wanna spoil it like, cos he does some proper interesting things but you jus gotta watch it I guess! Other highlights were…right, I cant remember certain things in it, but I remember been astounded by some stuff, and havin to incorporate a clap into my awkward seating position, however, pretty much every trick was applauded, so its all pretty damn good!

When the vid finished I ran to the toilet after never needin a wee so much in my life, and then we made our way next door and got into a £14 dj set from bez, many and the reverend (and the makers) for free with our wrist bands, the night got pretty loose, highlights been nate morashan hittin on ruth, dan lacey hittin on jen, he is proper small too!erm…benson constantly huggin me and telling me to move to London, josh Bedford havin a pretty strong arm on him, my conversation with baz keep, and generally dancing for the 9 hours we were in there! 9 fuckin hours!

Then we get back to jens, and the ultimate highlite happened, me, jen n tom bright go for food, I bought chips=85p, n jen n tom had a burger each, and we ended up leavin with a free double chicken burger, extra chips each, 3 spring rolls, 3 battered sausages, pretty much the rest of the take aways chips, and a new pack of 12 baps! Jus cos the guy was been nice, and we talked to him for a bit, was a bit surreal leavin the place with that much stuff after id spent 85p!we then stayed up the rest of the nite heckling tom, and thinking up different environments for the chode! next day, I finally made it home after waitin for ages for Sunday busses and lookin back on the weekend as been bloody awesome!

Cant wait for the dvd to actually watch it properly, its gunna be damn good!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

bike check, finally!

right, after much deliberation, iv finally got round to resrpayin my bike n getin sum pictures of it, so her it is:
Frame: Fitbikeco Eddie cleveland
Fork: shitty DK ones, hopefully soon to be fitbikeco Blade lites
Bars: odyssey lumberjacks
Stem: fbm crown royal
Grips: odyssey teeeeeem
Barends: odyssey 'Par' ends
Detangler: urgh
Headset: eastern
Clamp: built in
Seatpost: crappy Dk, soon to be federal slam post
Seat: Crappy dk, stripped padding, with a sock over it, soon to be federal sl pivitol
Cranks: odyssey wombolts
Sprocket: mutiny sprizzocket
Chain: KMC Kool Light maybe
Brakes: urgh
Cable: urgh
Brake Lever: urgh

Front Tire: Animal glh
Front Wheel: demolition bulemia i think
Rear Tire:
Animal glh
Rear Wheel: Demolition anorexia cassette
Pegs: nope
Pedals: odyssey pledals

Full bike, check how low it is...


iron maiden graphics

front hub

original crank colour

original colours of all the parts.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


jus saw this on the attilla blog, its pretty awsome!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lakai-fully flared intro

im sure uv heard of this, as its sweeping any sort of 'extreme sport' by storm at the moment, and this is mostly due to this. This is so good, it just shows what can be done in terms of filming, editing and general production of skate/bmx movies, obviously the whole underground vibe is also desired somewhat in videos tryin to capture an essence of their own 'scene', but this intro still rules, as 'big' as it is!good skating, good concept, good music, generally just...good!

snow, sex and sally gunnell

ok, so not much sex in this update, but, my new bike is pretty sexy, will get pics n bike check up soon, however, been a reete tool, iv broken me camera, so gunna have to find an alternative method of getin the pictures of my new ride!
Snow, went snowboardin this week to avoriaz on the france swiss border, weather was ok the first n last days, however it was rainin the other days, like proper rainin on the mountains, it was ok tho, got to watch my dad complain n jus fall over in all the wet snow a lot!got to hit the boardpark a few times, get sum rails n jumps done, which is always good!also went to a run called 'the stash' sponsered by burton snowboards, this place is literally jus a forest, but full of so much random crap, like branches turned into rails, log jams, stump stall things, wallrides, hips, huge rails a and boxes, this whole hing was like a skatepark in the snow, and was awsome!so spent a bit of time in there, did my first wallride which is a bit weird on a snowboard!
also, on holiday, we drink a lot, so we found this pretty cool bar that brewed its own strong lager, served awsome burgers, and also played like led zeppelin, portishead, rage, radiohead, so all round, a pretty cool place, also had a really hot barmaid with dreads, but anyway, we were sat watchin the arctic challenge on the tv in the bar, when all these people start piling in, we then realise that amoungst these people is non other than sally gunnell, olympic gold medal winner, and alround awsome runner, i never actually sed owt to her, but watchin her man down a pint is pretty weird!
rite, im gunna try getin an early nite tonight, so gunna wrap this up, easter next weekend, so much ridin will have to be done, i havnt actually had a proper street mish on my new bike yet, so i think a few are in order!also, tomorrow we work premier is this weekend, not sure if i can make it yet, as have a big essay in for monday, n havnt done owt on it yet, but iv ordered a copy non the less!
so il hopefully see you all soon for good times, in a bit!xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2008

criminal mischief

heres van homans section from criminal mischief, enjoy, oh and is that the place that the new ride cover was taken at at like 4.55 mins?the tooth by d.watts?

Thursday, 24 January 2008

todays riding

rite then, went to halfords yesterday to put my new sprizzocket on, however, my cranks and sprocket are pretty much fastened shut onto my bike, so im gunna now have to get a new set of cranks with my new frame, and pay for my sprocket and as im in my overdraft now, and dont have any money left from my loan, im pretty much screwd!any wau, i didnt get my sprocket on, and after 2 hours in halfords me and tom had a quick nite session and then went home n went out and got very drunk!chek toms agenda blog for pictures n what not!
so today, we went n met up with jonny, rode sum street n went to the works, good session had by all, it was pretty damn good!here are a couple of pictures of todays sesh with an interestin ramp we concocted!
jonny- fastplant invert

concocting the ramp set-up, bet you dont have this robbie!hahahahaha!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

rounded off bolts suck

right, toms comin today, with me new sprocket, so here i am tryin to get the crank arm bolt out to loosen my sprocket, but no, wait, its rounded to shit!wat a twat, so here i am now, tryin to get it off, im on forums online bout this kinda shit, n theres sum good advice, jus wundered if anyone had any ideas for this exact bolt???il try anythin at the mo!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Next purchase?Waffer thin like!

Sunday, 13 January 2008


im lovin this pic of tom, hella high, n landin backwards from that heights pretty nuts, props for tom for this, i think its fair to say he is the master of the 180 now!haha!
shoulda three'd it really tho tom!haha, jokin!

nice web mr crack spider

Iv heard this said before and always wundered where from, until i found this video, theres some pretty funny shit on there!


just readin the Sunday! website, and theyve got some questions with all the riders, check out the last question of kurt rasmuswateva, Jersey and Hoder, they are all true to me, Meagan fo' Life suckaaa!Oh and if you look at karl poynters last question, you realise why he's such a weedy scrawny weirdo, id like to spit on him!Sayin that, so is Sportz, but he's allowed, theres a pattern of coasters and meat, jonny, you better stop eating meat and you'l go pro!

im on a roll

seriously, i am on a roll with posts!!
Check out the foot jam pick jonny took, its late, very late, but we had to go for the train, n some park rats were tryin to ride the jump box, so jonny only managed 9 late pictures!haha, still like it kinda tho!The works was pretty good to be honest!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

check out THIS!!!!this is mainly for jonny, but its still pretty nuts!!!


rite, im sure youve all seen the insight promo with chester blacksmith doin that knarley rail hop to wallride, well here's why he didnt land it!Warning, it made me think bout jus givin up!

Friday, 11 January 2008


this is pretty funny, pretty clever some parts too

Thursday, 10 January 2008

i forgot

i also managed to somehow get to the hudd with jonny macdonalds discount card, so cheap mcdos for me till i see him!
also, watch this dialled vid of some guy, check the banger!


rite then, stop wateva your doin, im gunna attempt a long one here, so you gotta sit back, relax, and get ready to read my self indulgent portrayl of my mind!
christmas n new year were awsome, got me new ipod, which is a bit snazy, doesnt seem to like pictures or some videos, but im gunna take it to the ipod shop n see wat they say, anyway, yeah, got that, n the money that il be usin for me new frame,which hopefully should be arriving soon! cant fuckin wait for that, still need to check if noz wants the stricker, if not, think fathead was looking into it, so il give hem a buzz.
new years was pretty wild, cant remember much, got lost inside the place, vaguely remember pendulum playin, the whole band, not jus a song like!which was pretty good, supposedly i pulled tom, think it was more mouth rape to be honest, but il let it slide!but yeah, ended up wallin home with noz in the rain from the A64 to barwick in the pitch black, but it made me fell hella better, so it was a well needed walk!awsome nite tho, n well worth the foookin large price tag on the nite!
as some of you may have known, i began growing a beard n tash, hopin to kinda look like morgan wade wen he had that horrible one, but i didnt really work out, so i gave up, until... i saw angus, of tricklist and bangerville fame, with his almighty ginger face of hair, n im gunna start again, its goin alrite, my gramps, who has the facial hair down to a t is gunna be my mentor, so all shud be well!
been ridin in leeds a few times over the holidays, which is always nice, got very little footage like, but its been super fun none the less, Angus has been showing us the way to bangerville as always, n has been layin down some sick tricks, not gunna spoil it for you, but il jus say that he may have joined the new fakie frontflip crew, but thats on the lowdown, so shhhh!
jus been too the works today after a long time of not goin, glad to ride some transitions again, felt pretty nice, go my disasters dialled in, cos i never really get a chance to do em really, jonny was throwin lines all over the shop, n he was sendin his new found hang 10 ability anywhere he could, he did one off the train the other day in fact. i was gettin close to the footjam to back in on a transitioned landin of the big jump box, but cudnt find the pop in time, jonny also was strugglin with timin tryin to get a snap of it, but he got one a bit late that il put up here wen he getss it online.
speaking of what a loser jonny is, i wooped him in a quick game of c.u.r.b on the way home from ridin brooklyn banks all day, we came home wen angus had been worryin bout his front wheel all day, as the tire hadnt set properly, causing a big bubble in the side, eventually the hissin came from an attempted granny avoidance turndown gap, however from the back wheel, which sucked, i think angus shouted fuckin whore a few times, he's getin a bit too aggro in his old age, aaaaah well. anyway, back to curb, jus like the skate game skate, we played curb, on, you guessed it, a curb, such tricks as the curb slide feebs to smith went down, gap to smith, nozza up, to drop down smith, nozza to feebz to nozza to smith, it was sick, i went to c.u.r, when jonny began to falter, it slowly added up till his lead was lost, and when i pulled the feebz to smith to feebz out, jonny was outdone, and hung his head in shame, he gav the feebz to 180 a few more times, then we left.
just found out that toms gunna cum live here for a few days till he runs outta money, so gunna try thinkin up a heavy regime for the time he's here, see ho it goes. he has however jus bought a profile stem, and when i last spoke to him, he admitted nearly buyin a brake, so i think the park is takin its toll on the boy, i gotta show him the streets of the hudd, which, to whoever has experienced em, requires a great deal of street knowledge to be able to get stuf done on!
rite, well, enough rantin, im sure il be postin more, now its the new year n stuff, shud be good, hope to see you all soon, whoever is readin this, n have a good year!in a bit!!