Wednesday, 28 November 2007


have to mention rhiannon, as she told me to,so here she is...

frame and colour?

right, im getting some new lumberjacks, which also reminds me that hman hasnt rang me yet for me to pay for em!Oh well,anyway, noz is meant to be buyin my 21" stricker off him, so i need a new frame, looking for ideas?Probably have around £200 for the frame, thinkin either subrosa pandora 20.5, united ricky feather 20.6 or maybe a fit hawk, or one of the new fits, the chase dehart/eddie cleveland frames???so, if anyone has any ideas let me know?
This is a Preview of the upcoming 'my bike through the years' post.
possibly the worst looking colours it ever was, i went and ruined that purple with the blue front! idiot!So that bring me onto what colour to go aswell,obviously with the new frame it kinda puts me in the position of looking good with that colour!Might go all white with that subrosa frame, or all raw!hmmm.

Monday, 26 November 2007

Scrats, twats and hats (but seriously, theres no mention of hats)

Ok, so iv meant to have scott taylors forks on my bike for a while now, however, because jonnty didn’t go get em the first time, they ended up in a bush, and now probably have ended up on some ratty scrats bike, oh well!Also, jonny came to mine on Saturday night, I asked him to bring grounded and summer of fit, which I still have yet to see as jonny forgot those as well!But we watched road fools 10, which is amazing, the another video with the worst turndown ever, its literally jus a finger spasm about a foot in the air!The level of riding was crazy back then!Also, realised that I have 33:10 gearing, which im kinda getin used to now, but its not street enough really!Went to leeds to ride, jonny got a sweet trick we'd watched on some internet vid, and i filmed super arty, so should be an awsome clip!Also swore at some lady who told me to leave millenium square cos i got near a child, so i told her it wasnt up to her and she got the fuckin fair security to kick us out, so i stared at her and started tellin her to fuck off and that i was nowhere near the kid, that wasnt even hers!bitch!In lighter news, I am now rockin the pledals, and will soon be the owner of either glams or lumberjack bars, so full bike check through the ages cumin up next week!im meant to be doing lots of work right now, but really have no motivation, so gunna put zoolander on and man my way through doing another page of work, got a bottle of kick, so should be fine!Also just made a peanut butter and galaxy toasty, nice and sickly!Anyway, peace out homes!haha, im such a moron!oh, and todays picture, The view outta my bedroom landing!


ed also just said that whoever came up with the thought of that been erotic should be executed, and that it degrades the very foundation of human existance.nice


right, this is this thing on youtube, where people hav recorded themselves watching this video!Now,i want you all to go on and watch the whole video, film yourself if you like!put comments up after watching it!enjoy!oh, n i just made ben watch the first like 10 seconds and he was nearly sick!Good luck.Oh again, go on youtube and type it in again, and watch peoples reaction, especially watch the song on

Thursday, 22 November 2007

the night the Hudd was attacked!

Ok, it’s a cold, wet evening in Huddersfield, I get a call from Lucy asking if I want to go to the festival of lights, im thinking that crazy Muslim festival, but no, we wrap up warm, go out and to the nearest church to find about 50foot in the air, 2 giant squids floating around, not something you see everyday, we then see smoke and lights and the faint glimmer of the sound of the sea, so we move into whatt seemed a crown of all the Huddersfield locals (not really something you wanna be doing much) and are completely bewildered by the scene that were presented with, a giant clam seems to be wafting around with a pearl floating in the air around it, accompanied by two house sized fish floating in the air, we see the squids around too, and there are weird people dressed up as prawns running around the crowds scaring the shit out of all the kids there!

So we move onto the train station, where the fish are heading, they then subside and the crown starts to build, all of a sudden a fuck off whale appears floating through the streets of the Hudd into the square where the station is, the whale is soon accompanied by the fish, the Squids, a giant lobster then some super long sea serpent thing!seriously im thinking im watching like war of the worlds on smack here, we all still have no idea what the relevance of all this shit was with anything, but we watch on, basically, dramatic music helps to set the scene that this big knob of a serpent pretty much just starts on all these other fish, the whale, and then an octopus that appears out of nowhere, kills most of em, but then this dopey ass octopus eats the snake, the lobster appears from his hiding place, as he obviously was hiding like a gay, and attempts to push the pearl across the crowd into an other open clam, now these huge inflatable creatures are being dragged by men on the floor with huge ropes, which means that trying to control these things is pretty tricky, especially when trying to make a 50ft long lobster push a ball about 100metres, so these creatures keep like plummeting to the floor attacking kids, crushing old ladies, and generally just malestering the Huddersfield locals. The whole thing finishes with a big firework show, and around 10000 people are left wondering what the fuck just happened, so we went and got a drink and discussed how it was blatantly a failed terrorist attack by the alkaida!

Anyway, here are some pictures to prove that I hadn’t just injected smack into my face!


Monday, 19 November 2007


comments are now allowed, so...well, i dot really need to say why i just posted this do i?And if your saying yes to yourself now, you should be shot, for been both a spastic, and talking to yourself outloud!anyway night!tonights picture, footjam on the drive, photo by carol tedder!

eds poem

The guy i live with (ed) just came in and showed me a poem, now ed is, how to put it, depressing at the best of times, but he has now managed to put this depression into the usually happy subject of christmas!with lines such as 'i will want xmas to end as soon as it has begun' it is pretty depressing, so he is now sat next to me, reading the poem out, and i am slowly falling into a state of worthlessness! therefore the picture to put with this has to be depressing...
this is how i feel

American version of the office

Is awsome, its as funny as the office, but instead of ricky gervais, you get steve carrel, or however you spell it, A.K.A brick from anchorman!On more bmx based news, youve probably seen it alread, but watch it agin,,3180
some of these tricks are rediculous!Frontflip out of a small bank to flat, frontflip flair attempt, triple whip flip!As if these are actually happening now!last year i remember seeing scotty cranmer do a frontflip whic was crazy, now people are doing frontflip whips on dirt!Anyway, hopefully riding this weekend, ankle permiting, and hopefully scott taylors forks will be joining souters old cranks on my bike, its like the hollywood of bike parts now!
todays picture, when riding in the Hudd, wanted to get this picture, so had to time it within 10seconds of my self timer to be perfectly behind tom n matt!only took a couple of attempts, but it came out...actually, its still a crpa picture, just proud of the timing!

Sunday, 18 November 2007


im only 43 photos away from the grand total of 10000 photos taken on my camera within the last 2 years!Thats an average of like...hang on...13.7 photos a day!whic cooincidently is my lucky number!I was born on the 13th of october, on the 13th hour of the day, at 13.03, after 13 hours labour!And i was 13 on friday the 13th, seriously, wat the hell is goin on, something rediculously unlucky is gunna happen to me one of these days, thats why i keep saluting magpies!i see em literally everyday!might get a tatoo of the bastards...all over my body...just magpies...everywhere,anyway, enough of this random magpie rant, im gunna watch the new scrubs, then go to bed!night.

also, decided to post a random picture up with every post!You lucky scoundrels, so heres a nice picture of a draining board, exciting stuff, hope you dont wet yourself waiting for the next exciting random picture post.


I rea;;y cant be arsed startin doing any work this year yet, need to start my first 4 essays, but cant get any motivation, been off my bike has made me think about ridin even more, its not good! plus my supposedly 'healed' ankle still has some weird looking area of it, that doesnt really look like the other one, hopefully its just still swolen,and hopefully il be ready for the road gap on sunday, with my new forks n pedals!if jonny doesnt forget my forks again!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

images of gross foot!

hello again

hello again, well i haven't told anyone this is actually up yet, so never mind, but when i do tell you this is here to read! Anyway,back to the blog, i was gunna get pictures on here of a crazy festival that was in huddersfiled last night, but eds new camera is too snazy n wont accept my sd card! twat!So pics of that will have to wait for a while, il just say, it was like a drugged up war of the worlds, with the hudd been attacked by giant inflatable fish, that's right!Anyway,back to my foot, it was disgusting, i rolled it trying to snap out too fast, and couldnt really walk on it for a while, anyway, it began to turn black, and it went huge!i cud poke it n my skin would just keep a big hole in it for ages!its nearly ok now, but still cant really walk!oh well!anyway, here are the pics... actually, never mind, cant put an image in it now, so will do in another post!

first blog

i dont knw how this works, but we'll find out, i thort id try and beat jonnys blogs, as i read them everyday, and id like to tell everyone how my days goin!more posts coming wen i realise how to use this including,sore foot, new bike colour, and much more!