Thursday, 6 March 2008

bike check, finally!

right, after much deliberation, iv finally got round to resrpayin my bike n getin sum pictures of it, so her it is:
Frame: Fitbikeco Eddie cleveland
Fork: shitty DK ones, hopefully soon to be fitbikeco Blade lites
Bars: odyssey lumberjacks
Stem: fbm crown royal
Grips: odyssey teeeeeem
Barends: odyssey 'Par' ends
Detangler: urgh
Headset: eastern
Clamp: built in
Seatpost: crappy Dk, soon to be federal slam post
Seat: Crappy dk, stripped padding, with a sock over it, soon to be federal sl pivitol
Cranks: odyssey wombolts
Sprocket: mutiny sprizzocket
Chain: KMC Kool Light maybe
Brakes: urgh
Cable: urgh
Brake Lever: urgh

Front Tire: Animal glh
Front Wheel: demolition bulemia i think
Rear Tire:
Animal glh
Rear Wheel: Demolition anorexia cassette
Pegs: nope
Pedals: odyssey pledals

Full bike, check how low it is...


iron maiden graphics

front hub

original crank colour

original colours of all the parts.

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