Tuesday, 11 March 2008

tomorrow we work premiere

This is for all you that missed probably one of the best nights ever!
So, the tale begins on Saturday morning, im off to get me hair cut before my train, haircut goes ok, get the really hot hairdresser, which is always good, anyway, im in a bit of a rush, cos the people that wanna buy our house were takin a long time to decide, anyway, I get to leeds station fast enough and go get my ticket my sheff, £7.00 open return, so I was on the up already! Get on the train, which takes bout 40 mins on the virgin one, or 2 hours on the northen one, so I hop on the virgin…sorry, I hop on the train and im away, don’t see any bmxers on the way there, get to sheff to meet liz n jen then we go to jens crib via pretty much every bank in existence in like a 100m radius! Seriously, if you ever need a cash point, go to jens house, there fookin everywhere! anyway, we go to jens house after buyin some food, meet a few of her flat mates then we wait like 3 hours for hman, tom, tom bright, pete, ollie, ruth, and cooper to get there, so were all sat around discussin Sheila, who pete actually was considering! haha! Then we get ready, and hop in a taxi, well, some of us dive in to get there first, we neck the rest of our cans in, and out of the taxi, so were all a little loose. When we get there, we slowly realise that the doors avnt even opened yet, and theres a macca long que cos of all the other events happenin, anyway, we get in soon enough and begin to socialise, fathead and craig heckle tom for a bit, marv nearly kills liz for like, looking at his jacket, then tom stood on it, and marv nearly fuckin had to be put down, but it was ok! Then a melon ad, and a T2S vid come on, talking bout pube chompin and alike, not really sure why like, but after the cans, and the general mass of bmx folk around, the atmosphere created laughs at most things, then, without pause from the crap sound system, those fabled words appear on the screen and dan cox kicks things of, now, I cant remember that much of the vid, as I was well needin a piss, and downin my last cans had began to take its toll on my mind, but I do remember thinking that this section was the balls, original, good music, with some proper good lines, don’t wanna spoil it like, cos he does some proper interesting things but you jus gotta watch it I guess! Other highlights were…right, I cant remember certain things in it, but I remember been astounded by some stuff, and havin to incorporate a clap into my awkward seating position, however, pretty much every trick was applauded, so its all pretty damn good!

When the vid finished I ran to the toilet after never needin a wee so much in my life, and then we made our way next door and got into a £14 dj set from bez, many and the reverend (and the makers) for free with our wrist bands, the night got pretty loose, highlights been nate morashan hittin on ruth, dan lacey hittin on jen, he is proper small too!erm…benson constantly huggin me and telling me to move to London, josh Bedford havin a pretty strong arm on him, my conversation with baz keep, and generally dancing for the 9 hours we were in there! 9 fuckin hours!

Then we get back to jens, and the ultimate highlite happened, me, jen n tom bright go for food, I bought chips=85p, n jen n tom had a burger each, and we ended up leavin with a free double chicken burger, extra chips each, 3 spring rolls, 3 battered sausages, pretty much the rest of the take aways chips, and a new pack of 12 baps! Jus cos the guy was been nice, and we talked to him for a bit, was a bit surreal leavin the place with that much stuff after id spent 85p!we then stayed up the rest of the nite heckling tom, and thinking up different environments for the chode! next day, I finally made it home after waitin for ages for Sunday busses and lookin back on the weekend as been bloody awesome!

Cant wait for the dvd to actually watch it properly, its gunna be damn good!

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