Tuesday, 4 March 2008

snow, sex and sally gunnell

ok, so not much sex in this update, but, my new bike is pretty sexy, will get pics n bike check up soon, however, been a reete tool, iv broken me camera, so gunna have to find an alternative method of getin the pictures of my new ride!
Snow, went snowboardin this week to avoriaz on the france swiss border, weather was ok the first n last days, however it was rainin the other days, like proper rainin on the mountains, it was ok tho, got to watch my dad complain n jus fall over in all the wet snow a lot!got to hit the boardpark a few times, get sum rails n jumps done, which is always good!also went to a run called 'the stash' sponsered by burton snowboards, this place is literally jus a forest, but full of so much random crap, like branches turned into rails, log jams, stump stall things, wallrides, hips, huge rails a and boxes, this whole hing was like a skatepark in the snow, and was awsome!so spent a bit of time in there, did my first wallride which is a bit weird on a snowboard!
also, on holiday, we drink a lot, so we found this pretty cool bar that brewed its own strong lager, served awsome burgers, and also played like led zeppelin, portishead, rage, radiohead, so all round, a pretty cool place, also had a really hot barmaid with dreads, but anyway, we were sat watchin the arctic challenge on the tv in the bar, when all these people start piling in, we then realise that amoungst these people is non other than sally gunnell, olympic gold medal winner, and alround awsome runner, i never actually sed owt to her, but watchin her man down a pint is pretty weird!
rite, im gunna try getin an early nite tonight, so gunna wrap this up, easter next weekend, so much ridin will have to be done, i havnt actually had a proper street mish on my new bike yet, so i think a few are in order!also, tomorrow we work premier is this weekend, not sure if i can make it yet, as have a big essay in for monday, n havnt done owt on it yet, but iv ordered a copy non the less!
so il hopefully see you all soon for good times, in a bit!xxx

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